Video Samples

I sat down with writer/director Edgar Wright as part of’s ongoing “A Drink With…” video series

While at Fast Company, I was invited to host a panel for Advertising Week on Gender Equality.

I wrote the script for several episodes of The Wrap’s weekly video series “Wrap Trends” with host Jordan Burchette

A super-cut of iconic movie laughter - an original video piece curated for

With help from the NHL, I was able to produce and appear in this video alongside then-Philadelphia Flyers star Jeff Carter, where he shoots an apple of my head with a puck

During Fast Company’s Innovation Festival, I hosted a panel with actor and professional wrestler John Cena to talk about brand authenticity.

An installment of a four-part video series parodying the film Lost in Translation which I wrote for Attack of the Show during a week of broadcasts from Japan. Starring hosts Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn.