Digital Samples


Adobe Create: “Be Creative Every Day”

I spoke to artists around the world engaged in “365 Projects” or “Sketch-a-Day” challenges to discuss their inspirations and motivations

Fast Company: “Horizon Zero Dawn’s Creative 180 For Guerilla Games”

I spoke to the game designers about crafting a gorgeous, richly detailed virtual world that was miles from their frenetic “Killzone” series

WeWork: “Best Job Ever”

A profile of WeWork’s Creator Awards Operations Lead Matthew Sider, as part of the company’s “Best Job Ever” series

Inspire: “Avocado For the Soul”

A ghost-written piece for’s social good-focused “Inspire” series, with Situation founder Damian Bazadona

OpenFit: “Does Working Out Make You Smarter?”

I looking into the effect exercise has on your brain for the health and fitness site Openfit.

Clio Awards: “Before Marcel, There Was Pangea”

When Publicis Group announced their comms platform, I wrote about how J. Walter Thompson did it first

Popular Science: “Is There Such Thing As The Perfect Movie Theater Seat?”

I spoke to the Chief Technical Office at IMAX to find out, for PopSci.

NBC: “Octavia Spencer Happy To Get ‘The Help’”

I interviewed the Oscar-winning actress about her iconic role for NBC’s daily news affiliates “Avengers: Infinity War” Producer Trinh Tran

I interviewed the Marvel Studios producer as part of the “Career Track” series I created for the young men’s site.